Speedometer 55 Start. GPS Box. App Reviews

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Sehr gut !!!!!


Using daily with a great pleasure. Nice app.

Great for Motorbikes!

Ive been using this app for a few seasons when Im out riding my bike. Anybody with a bike knows the stock speedo is usually off at higher speeds. This app is great for knowing how fast youre actually going. Even the free version is good for being mounted on a bike and not being able to pick up the phone. It has your speed, speed warnings, music controls, altitude, maps, top speed and black box logging all from the main screen.

Golf cart

Used it to track how fast my cart was worked awesome

Nice and Intuitive

Nice little app! Came in very helpful when assigned a vehicle with a nonworking speedometer!


Not sure what more to add. It does exactly what it says. Nice simple app.

Havent used it much, but it works very well, I like it.

No problems with the app, works great.


So far so good it looks like it has everything I need on it to meet my needs thank you

Very nice app!!!

Easy to use! Great features. Highly recommended.

Seems good

Seems accurate enough the GPS one on the stereo in my one pickup read the same so I would say it will save your bacon lol

Great app

I like it very much. I use it a lot. Great to check if the car speedometer is correct. Great on a trip to use as head up display. Cheers

Nice app very easy and helpful for all ages

Nice app very easy and helpful for all ages


Nice app. Pity Advanced app. Is virtually impossible To buy.

It is best

That is the best application for speed testing.

Well done

Close to what i need... Also a gps should work better. Everything little little into the middle :)

Good app

Its saved me a ticket when the speedometer went out on my car. You cant beat it for a free app.


Great app! Very useful and accurate


This is just cool!!

Off the charts! Car or bike.

Outstanding! Does your tilt wheel block your view of the speedo? Use this app. Heads-up display is fantastic, as well. On my motorcycle, its even better b/c the handlebar mount lets me keep my eyes up. And the iPod function works like a dream: play, pause, skip my music. +Never see ads or spam while youre driving. Well done, people!

Love this app

I have used this app for quite a while now and it continues to impress me. Love the new features thats been added for iOS 10. Highly recommend this app!

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