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Works well

Want to try th full version

Perfect app for speed

Great app works amazingly well

Speed App

I have had this app for a year I guess I use it in my 1968 Tbird to see how much the speedometer is off. Easy to use I'm glad I came across it in my search. Thank you

Accurate information

One can know that this app reflects the actual speed of my car. I own a 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. Really helps on trips




This thing is just too awesome!!! I have a Chevy truck 66 and the speedometer does not work. And this app is just perfect. I love all the features. Very handy!

Great app

Good app


Simple functionality and I dig the music connection....✌️

Great help

Great when I’m trolling!


Without spending a penny, I have every feature I wanted, plus more! I’ve looked for alternative apps.... There aren’t any! This is a Must-Have for.... ANYONE!! Quit reading, and download it!

Love it


Does what it says.

I wasn’t sure if my car speedometer was off. Got the app, showed what I figured was true speedometer was 2 off. Thanks

fantastic 👌🏻

free full version pls 🙏🏻


Best app ever


This app works great for showing your speed in the country you are in. Our car is in Km’s and we need miles when driving in the states. This is easy to set up and use! Mike

Best app

Easy to use, accurate, and free!


App works fabulous.

Works well

I use it with my old vw. Keeps me from speeding everywhere.

Cheaper than a speedometer repair

This app works great and is a lot cheaper than fixing our old car’s broken speedometer.


This is one of the finest apps available.

Works and accurate.

The speedometer stopped working in my car so just for laughs I checked to see if there was an app that was more accurate that the navigation apps. This one matches up with the speedometer in my wife’s newer nicer car, so I’m guessing it’s good enough to not get me pulled over. There is a full screen mode which is chill.

Great speedometer app

Great speedometer app with some handy extra info like distance travelled and elevation.

Best speedometer on AppStore

It’s HUD is great! I love that you can have your speed and the map. Although the speed limits need to be changed. It goes from 20-60. It needs to go from 10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100. And maybe more. But it’s still a great speedometer!

Awesome and accurate

It made me realize my i am a special little guy

Good app

Well thought out. Does the job

Awesome hud


Gps speedometer

Works great love this app

Very good app

Very good app

Love it. Wish I had the full version

Great for my motorcycle. Maybe the devs will hook me up! Keep up your good work

Love it

The only thing that I wish it would have with the map is being able to put in a place or address to find the way around. It’s a really great app though!

Speed not coming up

Speed won’t come up

Great way to tell how fast I’m going on ant thing

I love how easy it is to see and that you can set a max speed , it will sound a warning alarm when you reached our max speed.I would recommend this app to anyone great job keep up the good work and thank you very much

The best. No annoying adds

The best. No annoying adds

Great App!!!!!

My husband liked it so well he had to put it on his phone!!!!

Awesome App

When my speedometer broke on my car all I had to do was download this app so I thought it was only a speed thing but it shows you if you go over the speed you need to and also there is a GPS AWSOME APP BUY IT.

Good app

This one actually works the other 2 i tried would come on n display 0mph for like 20 min

Liking it

Works and that’s all that counts.👍🏻

App aproval

Love it use it often

Rc cars

Use the app to check performance of my rc racing cars Wish it had finer time intervals as an option

Speedometer app

Not to bad I am figuring it out


Great app


Love this app

Best one out there

Best speedometer out here on the App Store, you can set limits and place your phone on the dashboard of the car. Almost accurate but I’ll take it.

Good when it works

Only works part time but when it works it is very good.

Simple app, very accurate

I like it. Tempted to pay for the paid version will see


It’s not bad


Awesome, especially the heads up display. Thanks for a great app.



It’s ok:/

It would be the best out there if u didn’t have to pay for the GPS directions other than that flawless


I love this app. Just wish the gps use for maps were free

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