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Very accurate


This app rotates on the screen whereas the other apps I tried don’t. That makes THIS app the one that ROCKS!!!

My tires are too big

We have larger than stock tires on all of our vehicles. This is a cheap alternative to replacing the speedometer gears.

Works like a charm

My truck speedometer is off and I could tell Now I see how much so I’m happy

Great app

Love it!

For free WOW this is great

I was kind of skeptical about downloading a free app but once I downloaded it and used it for a week this is one of the best apps I’ve used

Does everything I need and more-FOR FREE!!!

I seriously feel I should have paid just a LITTLE for this app. It is AMAZING. I own a few scooters and like to tweak them to get them a bit faster. This app is invaluable. Please don’t change it. I love it!

Very accurate tool

Great display. I have an old 94 Jeep that has been underwater one too many times. The speedometer and odometer have quit working. Now I use this app and it gives me sophisticated AND accurate displays of speed/trip miles, altimeter, compass and Google maps. I really like this app. I heartily recommend it.

Not good

I liked it when it was free but after I paid for it it no longer tracks my speed. I gave it access to my gps but it is still not working. I paid mostly to get the paid version colors. Wish I hadn’t because now the app is useless to me.

Works as advertised

No junk, facts - figures - and accurate - worthwhile

IOS 11 bug? (Edited..nope, it was the car’s computer)

I really like the app. Simple to use. Gives you a good check where to set cruise control when on the Interstate. Lot of easy to use features. This is an edited review: Originally rated a 3 star. Had an issue on a trip that the speed indication reads exactly 1/2 of the actual speed. ie going 70, it reads 35 MPH. Deleted App, reloaded to most current version. Tried several different settings on iPhone etc. still acted the same. Wrote a review and within 15 minutes received a reply from Stan and we began some troubleshooting procedures. Short version is that the iPhone was connected to the Cadillac XTS USB port in the console compartment. When I disconnected the cable and ran the application it worked flawlessly. As soon as I plug the cable back in, the display showed 1/2 of actual speed. iPhone 7 iOS version 11.3 Tried wife’s iPhone 5 with IOS 10.x Same result. Plug my phone into a cigarette to USB adapter in the application work fine. Bottom line is that the car’s computer system was giving erroneous input to the phone and application. This App is awesome. Just beware of any time you are using a navigation app and you seem to be getting erroneous responses, be sure that you were not connected to the car’s computer system. Two things: This App is ***** (5 star) And Stan ROCKS! !!

Awesome even if you use the free version

The heads up display is a win-win to me looks cool make sure car feel like you’re in the future no complaints there also showed me my car speedometer is 5 mph fast

Works great

Love it.

55 app

I love this 55mph speedometer. My speedometer in my car works great. When i get in my car I always pull out my iPhone and I run the 55mph speedometer app. I’m thinking of paying for this app and get all of powers. It’s a great and worthy app to purchase

Five stars totally

This game is so addicting sometimes I can't even pull my eyes up from the screen!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍

Boat owner - yes

Great app. when you fish local lakes and don't have a speedometer on your boat. Thanks JB

Lots of fun

This is a neat little app that makes my Amtrak trip interesting. My accela express clocks in at 110 mile per hour. Lots of fun.

Great app

I use this app to verify speed on small boats without any type of speedometer’s when trying different props.

Speed map

Just got this today. Been using it all day. Love the full map feature with speed at the bottom center. Now I can tell exactly how fast I am going. Speed odometer is at wrong angle on my bike.

Really fun for my go kart!

Pretty accurate and lots of fun to see my speed on my go kart

Sonny dumas

I love it

Một ứng dụng tuyệt vời !!!

Tôi rất thích ứng dụng này.

So cool!

This app has so many little gadgets, like a compass, and a trip odometer, that I didn't know would come with it! Perfect since my speedometer and odometer don't work on my vehicle. :)


👌😔 worry free

Love it.

Amazing app!

Speed limit

It’s a awesome app it help me with my old corolla the speedometer doesn’t work this work really good. I test it with a friend it work A+


Speedometer went out in my Tahoe a couple of yrs ago, I then used my GPS system for display of speed-then it too went out on me! Found this app, loaded it about an hr ago, & just had my 1st outing in months, where I could actually see (know) how fast I was going! And it was AWESOME!! 🙂 It’s the little things in life, we take for granted! Now I’m not driving blind to my speed anymore!!! Thank you!! 😎


It's saved me from replacing my speedometer.

Thank you for making such a perfect app

This has everything I need when recording high speeds and average speeds with so many other functions I don't use!

Great app!!!

Absolutely, no question, the most useful and intelligent app I’ve ever downloaded. We do a lot of trail riding in northern Michigan in the national and state forests. Cell signal is very weak in these areas. This app never fails to operate and track us through our explorations. Easy to use and a must have for adventurers that love to travel off the beaten path. Excellent new updates that show tons of information on places you’ve been like speed, time, elevation and so on. Again, must have app!

Evaluation = Speed x Distance

Excellent app that makes it easy to navigate thru uncharted speed zones. Try this it’s #1 for removing the guess work of estimation in our daily lives!🤓

Great app

I use it to check the speed on the fire trucks that we work on. Two things you can never really trust on a fire truck are the speedometer and fuel gauge.


Great even in its free stages, very useful and would recommend it to a friend


I have a lifted JEEP with larger tires. This app is my perfect solution. Works perfectly with a well made design and accurate.... Plus the Full screen Rocks!!! Thank you Used daily... Extra bonus it keeps my eyes on the road and I'm not messing with my phone while driving.


Me encanto la aplicación


I speed tested my yz 85 and got about 60-70mph which is usual

The Best

This app has saved me money in Speeding Tickets! This is a “Must Have” app.

Super product

Used it all over the world... working great ohh the coast of Portofinos

Good app

I had no idea the speedometer was wrong in my car..my boyfriend was following me one day and he said I was driving to slow..I downloaded this app and sure enough my car was showing that I was doin 70 but this app said I was goin 62...I just hope this app is accurate


This by far the easiest, sleekest, fun & safe, an "app for the future" Navigation & Speedometer style app I have ever used. oh yeah did I mention built in iPod with sleek easy audio interface player. For techy whom critiques & reviews apps for its developmental, design, & all-around functionality, I usually NEVER write more than 10-15 words, however because this application has saved me from absolutely saved me from 2 speeding tickets I feel it's ok only fair for "thank you" back to the team of developers whom created such a uniquely idealistically extremely functional, & well easy to use I feel I must give a user's FULL review as every element this specific application has packed into it & why I you must download it and try THE FUTURE and all your friends because they'll be so jealous until you tell u tell them it's free so grab a bowl of popcorn N soda and please read why I chose to give "Speedometer 55 GPS" a 5/5 (if I could a 6/5 Stars would be more suitable & substantial. Got your reading glasses & snacks? Here we go as I highlight just some of the possibilities this application can do: iPod/ Music Library- Fully very user friendly audio interface to play your music while heading to destination. Remarkable! HUD (Heads Up Display)- at night time is so much fun & easy to utilize Speed Limit Alerts- 4 sets of whatever interval you set as your "I should probably slow down speed" not only alerts you with a huge choice of alerts, but the bright lime-green color changes to Red when exceeding your set speed(s) Navigation- not to get into extremes even the trial version comes with 3 different choices of Map engines to access including adding whatever you like. Lastly, I'd like to professionally & personally thank you for this INCREDIBLY well thought out & more importantly well executed this app is. I'm a very VERY cellular status developer but a professional application critiquer & reviewer and when I was came across this app by accident but what drew me to check it out was the genius design of just the application thumbnail that highlighter-green 55 (great job designers all the way. I am atm currently utilizing an iPhone 7 Plus 256 GB. When I first received my 6 Plus in Jan 2015 (I think) is how long I've using your masterpiece. Anyways would love too know if your team is looking to put more apps out or that may be in development. And I mentioned earlier your app LITERALLY got me outta 2 speeding tickets because in my car at night the Police Officers on 2 completely separate occasions were so intrigued what the app does and how the alarm engages, color goes to red, etc. I had just said 2 words App Store so guys? Thank You!!!

Great app

App works great use it all the time my speedometer is broken

Glad to have HUD Speedometer

I haven’t used any other app except this one on any of my phones. I use it cause the speedometer is right on as it was on your vehicle. I know this cause we have speed checks in our state along the highways and when I go by them both are right on. Never have had any issues with this app and it’s easy to use.


I'm in a campground with a 5 mph speed limit This app is great for that.

Cool app



Good little app

End User of this Product

Excellent Product... have Antique Cars, Use App Often ! Thanks

Not good at all

They want you to buy app after you got this unit. What a mistake to buy it.


Works great.

Pretty good

Does what it says +more I like this app


Excellent app

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