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Does NOT display your speed (MPH). The only reason I wanted the app.

It worked a couple of times....

No idea why it sometimes displays speed and other times doesn’t. Tried everything eg watching its ads, turning off apps that might compete, write support twice and never got response

Great app thanks

Great app thanks

This is a very cool app!

Love it


برنامج رايع


It works and other apps don’t. It let’s you know if you are going over the speed limit and tells how fast you go


Is a good substitute if your gauges ever malfunction , alarms and alerts to prevent going over speed limit with three trip logs for mileage.

Can bohl


Great for bike

I use this a lot when riding the bike. It seems to be spot on, and takes the worry out of the speedo being off with sprockets changed.

Muy bueno


Maxxed out

Super Star App. Max out on my VMax - has no fuel gauge- 80 miles I better be looking for a gas station. Being able to keep up with distance keeps me from guessing on my fuel stops. The Speedo is koo koo ka choo also. Thanks



Hud works great

Good app


Awesome 5 stars

This is a great app for finding out what your average speed

This is a great app for finding out what your average speed is and it shows your top speed and your bottom speed I really like this app


Use it to calibrate speed while fishing and trolling for salmon and lake trout. Seems to be really accurate for tuning in the 2.0 to 4.5 mph.

It crashed

It worked for a while really good then just all of a sudden stopped doesn’t do anything anymore

Great App

Speedometer is really good. I enjoy the gps, occasionally use the music section

Great for cycling

Perfect for use while bicycling. Gives me speed and distance in a simple interface.


Muy buena la aplicación

Great App !!

Its Crisp and very accurate , Love It


¡Excelente aplicación funciona muy bien!


Why hasn’t anyone told me about this app? Maybe my head is under a rock when people talk about it, but it’s exactly what I need. The trip counter is a great bonus. Thank you!


Best in the world I went across the country on train new where I was at and speed better then the conductor good work guys and gals 5 stars absurdly Vic nj..,


Legit AF


I use this because my speedometer don’t work. Most of the time it’s pretty accurate depending on cellular service of course. Tracks how far you have been and how fast you went. I use it all the time

Great app!!!!!

Excellent speedometer app loads of functions Just get it!

I love it

My speedometer is really bad so this app helps me know how fast I’m going


Easy to use and exactly what we wanted to take on our boat!


Very good app

Love it

I love this app so much it’s such an help love it


Very awesome app and has a lot of cool features and love the colors

GPS speedometer

Awesome app

parece buena aplicación

parece buena aplicación, bien interesante


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Alaska trip

I downloaded this because the speedo quit working on my motorcycle and I am on a six Week Alaska trip. So far, I like it.

GPS speedometer

Love this app! Haven’t even tried another. Perfectly satisfied.

Great app

Great app

Speedo not the kind you wear.

I use the app for the speedometer in my Hotrod works great

Works awesome!

Works great in my classic cars to verify speedometer is working correctly!



Speedometer App

By far the best speedometer app out

Awesome app!!!

I put 7,000+ miles on this app due to my speedometer not working and it’s super accurate!

Cluster gauge

I was in doubt in getting this app but I read the reviews and some people were saying good things about it some don’t so, I give it a try and I am loving it so far. Is pretty accurate and even has a compass.

Good job

I just bought a old car with a speedometer that doesn’t work.. This app works great and keeps me from getting a ticket!!

Important trip

Making an important trip from Denver to St Paul in my 1946 Ford, my speedometer had a major problem. I needed to know speed and distance so this your app was a “life saver” for me to get there without a speeding ticket. Thanks !



Love it

Is the best application


Kszzzzzzzx was



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